Adam Levine Hair Transplant? Going Bald and Receding Hairline?

Adam Levine Hair Transplant. We were incredulous when we came across the photo below on and the guy was identified as Adam Levine. We were like, “Come on. That’s not Adam is he? Levine is hottie, hot, hot while that guy looks like our dorkie cousin Mattie! And look at that hair? Adam’s hair does not look like that at all!”

adam levine hair transplant - 2009 - with girlfriend2

But Bald Celebrities insisted that the guy above is Adam Levine and wondered whether he had a hair transplant or something:

Levine looked like he was once losing a battle with male pattern baldness, but his hair looks fuller in recent years, and his hairline looks like it may have shifted forward a bit. It’s truly hard to tell whether he just changed his hairstyle, or whether he went under the knife for a hair transplant, but he definitely seems to have better hair than he did before (although it stilll appears to be thinning a bit).

Because we believe that the guy was simply misidentified, we did our own digging to prove that Adam can’t look like that. However, after an hour of googling and stuff, we have to admit defeat. It turns out that the dude is indeed Adam aka Mr. Maroon 5 Lead Singer himself. In fact, here are similar photos we grabbed from Just Jared.

adam levine hair transplant - 2009 - with girlfriend

The photos were taken back in 2009 when Adam was dating then girlfriend, model Angela Bellotte. [Want more Adam? Check out our post on Adam Levine’s Underwear.]


According to Just Jared, these photos were taken when the lovebirds visited a tattoo parlor in New York City.


So did someone at the tattoo parlor cut or shave Adam’s look to give him an interesting hairdo? Or does his hair – with receding hairline and all – really look like this and it was somehow messed up during the visit. You know, maybe it has to be combed in a particular style but Adam forgot about combing it that way because he was so taken by his girl so his receding hairline got exposed?


What say you, Famewatchers? Who’d have thunk that The Adam Levine aka The Sexiest Man Alive in 2013 according to People Magazine would have a hair that’s actually quite unsexy?

But here’s our take on the matter. We don’t think Adam had a hair transplant but we think he’s hairline is receding. It is not noticeable when his hair is longer and swept back. But the “recession” becomes noticeable when he sports a shorter or shaved hairstyle.

Check out Adam’s hairstyle over the years and notice the difference when he’s got longer hair vis-a-vis when his hair is short.

Adam Levine’s Hairstyle Over Time: Short vs. Long Hair. Short hair in 2004.


Short hair in 2005.


Shaved hair in 2007.


When he keeps his hair short, his receding hairline becomes noticeable. When he keeps his hair long, we don’t notice the hairline because we are focusing our attention to his hair.

Here’s Adam and his gorgeous hair in 2012.


Adam looking cool and sexy in 2013.


Adam’s long hair in 2014 when he went blonde.

adam levine hair 2014 blonde hair2

Lots of people didn’t like it when he changed his hair color but we loved it.