Adam Huss Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Adam Huss Gay or Straight? Aside from Omari Hardwick, another Power star we are crushing on is Adam Huss who plays nightclub manager Josh Kantos on the Starz tv series.

adam huss shirtless

He tells us how he bagged the gig (via

“When this [show] came up,” says Huss, a 1995 Islip High School graduate, “I went in for another role” in the drama “and a week went by and I got a callback — but not for that role. And I read the description of this other character, Josh Kantos, and one of the things it said was, ‘He’s from Massapequa, Long Island.’ And I was like, ‘This is mine. This is it.’ ”

Series creator-executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh thought so, too. “Courtney asked if I was from Long Island and I said, ‘Yeah. I’ve had to hide my accent, but I didn’t here.’ On the show you hear it, more there than in real life. I had to hide it for so long. . . . When I went to L.A. and was working as a waiter, whenever I’d say ‘carrot soup’ people would say, ‘Where are you from?’ I don’t know how they thought I should be saying it . . . ‘kehr-rot’? But I became really aware of ‘carrot’ and ‘water’ and other words!” he says, laughing.

Is he gay or straight? Hah! We don’t know. Hehe. But he’s a cool actor who does not mind starring in a gay-themed films such as the 2010 movie, Is it Just Me? Check him out as a shirtless gun-slinging, boxer briefs-wearing “cowboy”.

adam huss gay - is it just me

Let’s have some more Adam Huss shirtless and underwear photos, shall we. These still pics are also from Is It Just Me? He’s probably the first celebrity we’ve seen wearing a pair of Baskit undies.

adam huss underwear - boxer briefs in is it just me

adam huss underwear - boxer briefs in is it just me2

For those of you wondering, the other cuties in the photos are Nicholas Downs and David Loren.

Does Adam Huss Have a Girlfriend? Either he is single or he’s been very careful to keep his relationships private.

adam huss gay or straight

Hehe. Them eyes are kinda scary! But his body is to-die-for!

adam huss hot

UPDATE: Oops. Looks like we were sloppy in our research. Haha. Adam is not at all silent about his relationship because he refers to a fiance’ in his Instagram account.

adam huss boyfriend or fiance

So it looks like he is not only in a committed relationship but is also about to get married.

Also, since fiance’ refers to a man or a future husband, those of you who are googling “is adam huss gay” should have your answer already. Who is the lucky guy? Our guess is actor Adam Bucci coz we see lots of him on Huss’s Instagram feed. We could be wrong though. Congratulations and good luck to Adam and his future “better half”!

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