Adam Driver Underwear, Shirtless Pics, and Fashion Style

Adam Driver Wife and Shirtless Photo Update. More than six years later, we are updating this post to bring you this fabulous shirtless pic of Adam Driver as well as to note that he is now married to then-girlfriend Joanne Tucker.

adam driver shirtless photo

Adam and Joanne got married in June 2013 and are blessed with a son.

adam driver wife joanne tucker

Adam Driver Underwear, Shirtless Photos, and Fashion Style – GQ Photoshoot (18 January 2013). How does it feel go from relative obscurity to starring in a critically acclaimed hit on television? Ask former marine Adam Driver who is now starring in the Golden Globe-winning HBO show, Girls!

How famous is he now? So famous that GQ Magazine featured in their December 2012 issue with girls running after his super-waxed upper body.

adam-driver-bottega veneta jacket and pants

More fashion pics from GQ. If you gotta run, you should run in style. Like get yourself a running suit from Bottega Veneta like what Adam is wearing below.

But you should be prepared to shell out a little under $2000 for your outfit ($970 for the jacket and $830 for the pants).

adam driver shirtless - gq magazine shoot

Apparently, they still make that kind of short shorts for men. Yay! It’s by American Apparel (cost: $28) while the tank top is from Aviator Nation (cost: $55). Want more male celebrity tank top shirts?

adam-driver-fashion-aviator nation tank top american apparel shorts

Another tank-top (by Michael Bastian for Gant) and shortie shorts (by Nike which you can have for a more affordable $32) for our Adam.

adam-driver-shirt by gant by michael bastian - shorts by nike

The next pic below is probably our favorite because it shows Adam’s sexy masculine physicality. Hehe. Yeah we are shallow. You should know that already.

His outfits? The tank top is by Parke & Ronen, you can buy it at $48. His green pants, on the other hand, is by Prada and its price is reportedly set at $1,120. That’s a ridiculous amount for a pair of running pants. What the heck, Prada!

adam-driver-fashion-parke and ronen tank top - prada pants

Adam Driver Underwear. What’s his preference between boxers or briefs? Apparently, he is more of a briefs kind of guy. At least that’s what we see him wearing below.

adam driver underwear black briefs

Most often asked Famewatcher question: Is he gay or does he have a girlfriend? He has a girlfriend, actress Joanne Tucker. Check out a picture of the real-life lovebirds courtesy of

adam driver girlfriend joanne tucker

This of course tells us that he is not gay but he did play a gay man in the stage play, Angels in America.

adam driver gay angels in america

But then again, check him out in his V-Neck shirt. What did the Malaysian Education Ministry about men who wear V-Necks? Haha. We’re just being silly.

Adam Driver gay

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