Actors With Rolex: Hollywood Stars Wearing Rolex Watches

Actors With Rolex Watches. Who of your favorite Hollywood stars love them their Rolex watches? We made a list for you. Of course, first in our list of actors with Rolex is a Hollywood royalty: Brad Pitt aka the Former Bra in Brangelina. He is wearing a Rolex Oyster Day Date Gold Watch in the pic below but he owns other kinds of Rolex watches.

actors with rolex - Brad Pitt and Rolex Oyster Day-Date Watch

The second Hollywood actor we are adding to our list of celebrities wearing Rolex is Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame. He kinda somewhat resembles Mark Wahlberg, huh?

actors with rolex - don johnson rolex watch in miami vice

Orlando Bloom is seen in the pic below wearing a Rolex GMT Master Watch. Where you headin’ to, Orlando?


Our imaginary husband George Eads wears a Rolex GMT watch in this still photo from CSI.

actors wearing rolex - george eads in CSI_RolexGMT2

Fifth in our list of actors with Rolex is Robert Redford. For those who are wondering, he is wearing a Rolex Submariner Watch in the pic below.


Of course a list of actors with Rolex is not complete if we do not include ex-pro wrestler turned actor Mr. T (full name: Laurence Tureaud). He is wearing a Rolex President Watch and lots of other bling.


Russell Crowe is wearing a Rolex Day Date Watch. Looks like he needs a nap or two, no?


If you are going to be an assassin — which may be what Jean Claude Van Damme is in the next pic — you got to wear a Rolex Submariner watch to make sure that you know the time when you gotta pull the trigger.


John Travolta
and his Rolex Datejust Watch. Who’d have thunk that this dude is a real-deal pilot?


After George Eads, our second imaginary boyfriend/hubby is the talented Matt Damon who is seen wearing a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Watch.

Matt Damon wears a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 1016

So what do you think of our list of Hollywood Actors With Rolex? If we missed your favorite Rolex-wearin’ actor, please mention him in the comments so we will include him in a second installment of actors with Rolex.

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