Actors in Jockstraps Underwear: 16 Movie and TV Stars Wearing Jockstraps

Looking for actors in jockstraps? Here’s a list of 16 movie and TV stars rocking their jockstrap underwear. Who of these jockstrap-wearin’ guys is your favorite? Well, let us first see how they fit their jockeys before you tell us later in the comments section.

So let’s begin our countdown of the Top 16 Actors Wearing Jockstraps with Thomas Jane, star of the HBO TV series Hung. Too bad the show lasted for only three seasons.

actors in jockstrap - thomas jane hung jockstrap

Our next actor in jockstraps is Danny Ewing who currently stars in the Australian TV soap opera, Home and Away. This pic of Dan in jockstrap is from a photoshoot for an underwear brand.

actors in jockstraps - danny ewing aussie actor

Golden Globe-nominated Italian actor Franco Nero sports a jockstrap in the 1981 movie, The Salamander. In the movie, Franco plays a policeman who “investigates a series of murders involving people in prominent positions”.

actors jockstraps - franco nero - salamander movie 1981

Did you know that Hollywood A-Lister Richard Gere stripped to his jockstrap in the 1977 drama, Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Apparently, it is about a teacher played by Diane Keaton who “spends her nights cruising bars, looking for abusive men with whom she can engage in progressively violent sexual encounters”.

actors jockstraps - richard gere in looking for mr goodbar

Here’s another Golden Globe nominated actor, Dennis Haysbert, in his jockstrap underwear. This photo is from Major League II where Dennis plays a baseball player named Pedro Cerrano.

dennis hasbert jockstrap in major league2

Do you know where this photo of Jean Claude Van Damme is taken from. We think its from a movie but we are not 100% sure. [Want more Jean Claude Van Damme Underwear Photos?]

men in jockstrap underwear - van damme

Jeff East from the 1977 movie The Hazing (also released as The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse) about the hazing that goes on in college fraternities.

movie jockstraps - jeff east in the hazing

More actors in jockstraps after the jump.

Rob Lowe in the 1986 sports drama, Youngblood, about a hockey player who wants to make it to the big leagues.

rob lowe jockstrap youngblood2

Alan Ritchson plays football team captain Thad Castle in the sports comedy Blue Mountain State. Like Hung, this should have lasted for more seasons.

tv jockstraps - alan ritchson in blue mountain state2

Alan’s teammates in Blue Mountain State. If you can ID the actors, please do so in the comments. Your help is much appreciated.

tv jockstraps - blue mountain state

We already blogged about Daniel James as The Engineer in Prometheus. Well, let’s bring him back again to include him in our list of actors in jockstraps underwear.

daniel james underwear - jockstrap

Conrad Woolfe is an actor who had some gigs with Law and Order: SVU. He is also a model who headlined an ad campaign for Baskit Jockstrap Underwear.

conrad woolfe in baskit thong jockstrap underwear

Seann William Scott plays a janitor-turned-tennis-coach in the 2009 movie, Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach.


Lastly, let’s check out Tim Robbins in the movie Bull Durham. Of course, baseball players wear jockstrap too!

tim robbins jockstrap in bull durham

In conclusion, who of these guys is your favorite actors in jockstraps? Maybe you want to share your picks in the comment section.