Abs Slimming Underwear for Men: Figure Slimmer, Belly Trimmer

Abs Slimming Underwear for Men. Apparently, the desire (shall we call it obsession?) of some men to have flatter abs is nothing new. There must have been a market for abs-slimming garments in the past otherwise the guys behind this interesting vintage advert would not be publishing this:

abs slimming underwear for men - waist adjuster

It’s a dual purpose undergarment too because aside from slimming your belly, it also has a crotch piece which is probably intended to protect (and enhance) your area down there.

The text in the copy is hard to read, so we decided to type them up for you to give you some idea on what the product claims to do:

Amazing Figure Slimmer: Now offered for the first time. Only 3.49 complete with a crotch piece. The new combination adjustable waist and abdominal leveler.

Slenderizes Both Abdomen and Waist. Figure Slimmer corrects the faults of other garments. Some hold in the stomach but push out the waist. Figure Slimmer slenderizes both the waist and abdominal appearance at the same time. You will look inches slimmer and feel wonderful.

Holds Back Together. Figure Slimmer is wonderful for that falling-apart back feeling. Its firm, gentle compressing action makes you feel good and secure.

Appear Inches Slimmer. Figure Slimmer flattens your front and takes in inches off your appearance. Clothes will look well on you now.

Adjustable. Figure Slimmer’s adjustable feature makes it easy for you to have a small waistline look. Trousers now look good and fit swell. You can take yourself in more inches if you wish, with this novel adjustable feature. Try 10 days.

Sounds good, huh? Sadly, whoever wrote the above copy committed one of the gravest sin one can commit in the world of advertising: not mentioning the company behind the product.

Since we don’t know who made this supposedly amazing Figure Slimmer, we don’t know whether it still exists – either in its original form or in an improved version – and where you can buy one today.

Thankfully, there are other choices for today’s modern man. Those those of you looking for ways to slim your abs might want to check out these Waist Trimming Shirts or these men’s body enhancing underwear.

Abs Slimming Underwear for Men: Figure Slimmer, Belly Trimmer. Posted 5 November 2014. Last updated: August 25, 2023 at 17:31 pm.