Aaron Carter Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

On the cover and inside the pages of Contrast Magazine.

aaron carter underwear contrast magazine

Did we say he’s got nice abs?

aaron carter nautica underwear


Aaron Carter Underwear Peekabo (posted 30 December 2008). Let’s start the New Year by, for the first time ever here in FameWatcher, featuring established stars going shirtless. Let’s start with Aaron Carter who was one of the cutest teen starts in the planet. He’s also a bit controversial in his dating life.

He dated Lindsay Lohan while he was dating Hillary Duff so its no surprise when the two ladies had a catfight because of him. He also dated Paris Hilton who used to be the girlfriend of his brother Nick Carter so the two Carters had a dogfight because of her. Oh, he also tried to court Brooke Hogan but The Hulk didn’t like him for being arrogant and disrespectful so he had Aaron thrown out of the Hogan house. No Brooke for you, Mr. Carter.

Updated 05 May 2011: When he got older, Aaron went British and got himself a Burberry underwear which he’s oh-so-proud to show to us. Drop the pants next time, Aaron, it ain’t gonna hurt. We already know you’ve got nice abs so we are less interested in that and more interested in you-know-what.

Aaron is one of them teen stars who’s not being treated well by Father Time. He’s only 23 years old (born 7 December 1987) but he looks like an old soul. Nothing wrong with being an old soul but sometimes its unsettling to see our teen idols when they look much older than their actual age.

If we didn’t know he’s only 23, we’d have guessed that this guy is, like, in his early 30s. What’s your guess?

Didn’t we say “old” Aaron’s got some cool abs?

Aaron Carter Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos posted 30 December 2008. Updated 29 March 2017.