21-22 Jump Street Leather Jackets – TV and Film Versions

Jump Street Leather Jackets: Which is the better Jump St? The 1980s/90s TV series starring Johnny Depp and company or its recent big screen reincarnations, 21 and 22 Jump Street, with lead stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill? We must say that we are more partial to the movie versions. However, when it comes to which has got the more badass leather jackets, TV Jumpstreet beats Movie Jumpstreet so bad it isn’t even a contest.

Yeah, as a MovieLeatherJacketWatcher, our main complaint against the movie version is that the lead stars don’t wear leather jackets at all. Thank heavens for Captain Dickson (played by Ice Cube) who saved the show by wearing sleek leather jackets like this one in 21 Jump St.:

21 jump st leather jacket movie - Captain Dickson - ice cube

… and this other one in the follow-up film, 22 Jump St. Thank you, Ice Cube, you are our only hope.

22 jump st leather jacket - captain dickson - ice cube

Meanwhile, in the TV Jump St., we see Tom Hanson (played by Johnny Depp) wearing this badass Schott NYC Perfecto Classic 618 Leather Biker Jacket.

21 jump st tom hanson leather jacket - Schott NYC Perfecto Classic 618 Leather Biker Jacket

21 Jump St, whether in TV or in the movies, is not complete without a brown leather bomber jacket like the one Detective Hanson is wearing.

tom hanson johnny depp - brown leather bomber jacket in 21 jump st

Detective Dennis Booker (played by Richard Greico) adds to the awesomeness of TV Jump St. by wearing this sleek moto leather jacket.

21 jump street moto leather jacket - richard greico detective dennis booker tv version

See, even the young boy is awed by Booker’s leather outfit.

richard grieco - dennis booker - leather jacket

Oldies, take a trip down memory lane with this photo of the cast of TV Jump Street. Youngsters, know your pop culture history by getting to know (from left to right) Holly Robinson, Dustin Nguyen, Richard Grieco, Michael de Luise, Steven Williams, and a boyish-looking Johnny Depp.

21 jump st original cast Holly Robinson-Dustin Nguyen-Richard Grieco-Michael De Luise-Steven Williams and Johnny Depp

Without these guys, you won’t be enjoying the shenanigans of Channing and Jonah in the movie Jump Streets. By the way, if Channing and Jonah will star in a 23 Jump St, they deserve a name Brangelina-style so we should now start calling them Channah!