Shirtless Twins: Male Model Hunks, Actors, Sports Jocks, Celebrities

Shirtless Twins List: Models, Actors, Sports Jocks: Are you a fan of gorgeous male twins particularly those who are identical? Are you a fan of shirtless hunks? If you answer “Yes!” to these two questions, then we’re pretty sure you are going to thank us for compiling this list of shirtless twin hunks. Go ahead, thank us in the comments section! Who of these twins is your favorite?

First in our list are the Carlson twins, Kyle and Lane Carlson. Many of you will recognize these guys from the Abercrombie and Fitch advertisements they headlined in the late 1990s/early 2Ks. Here’s one of said adverts.

shirtless twins kyle and lane carson - abercrombie

Next up in our list of shirtless twin hunks are the Cuban twins Jorge and Jariel Naranjo. Like the Carlsons, the Naranjo twins are also male models and are currently the image models of Papi Underwear. [Photo credit: Jorge Freire.]

shirtless twin hunks pic by jorge freire - Jorge and Jariel Naranjo - cuban twins

Third in our list of gorgeous twin brothers are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aka the Winklevoss Twins. If you watched the movie, The Social Network, you would know that these curly-haired twins were portrayed by Armie Hammer — see Armie Hammer’s Shirtless and Underwear Photos. The two are accomplished rowers and, in fact, represented the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

shirtless twins are sexy hot- Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Our next twin bros come from Brazil and we have photographer to thank for this photo of Luis and Lucas Coppini.

Shirtless Twins Lucas Coppini & Luis Coppini by Du Borsatto

Meanwhile, here’s Mark and Jon Norris aka The Norris Twins to represent Merry Olde England. Photo by by Leigh Keily for Brit fash mag Jón.

shirtless twins jon and mark norris

If you are an MTV fanboy, it is very likely that you saw Canadian actors Brad and Chris Goddard playing the role of twin brothers Carter and Cody Travis in the MTV show, Undressed. Check out a still photo from the show.

Christopher Brad Goddard - canadian actors - shirtless twins - mtv undressed

The Goddard bros ain’t the only Canadian twins in our list because we also have the Smit twins, Jordan and Travis Smit. Like practically all the guys here, Jordan and Travis are also male models. Photo by Greg Vaughan

shirtless twins Jordan and Travis Smit

The pic for our next set of twinsMarcos and Marcio Patriota is courtesy of photographer Daniel Jaems. Like the Copinni twins, Marcos and Marcio are from Brazil.

Patriota-Twins-by-Daniel-Jaems - Brazilian twin male models - Marcos and Marcio Patriota

Gay twin brothers Joshua and Jacob Miller are a pop duo who starred in the 2006 Logo reality show, Nemesis Rising.

Joshua and Jacob Miller shirtless twins - nemesis rising

Gymnasts Paul and Morgan Hamm represented the United States in the Olympics and other international competitions. Paul has a gold medal and two silvers from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games while Morgan has a silver medal from the same Games.

shirtless twins paul and morgan hamm gymnasts

Twin brothers Max and Charlie Carver first appeared on the small screen via the ABC hit, Desperate Housewives. They now star on the MTV teen supernatural drama, Teen Wolf.

shirtless twins - Charlie and Max Carver

Who’s got the better washboard abs — American twin models James and Allen Clippinger or the Naranjo twins we mentioned above?

twin hunks no shirt - James Clippinger and Allen Clippinger

We won’t be writing a post about shirtless men without some Australian included, right? But of course. Here’s Aussie twin hunks Zac and Jordan Stenmark in jeans and Calvin Klein underwear.

Zac and Jordan Stenmark shirtless twins in calvin klein

Ryan and Justin Woods aka The Woods Twins are from the United States (we think).

shirtless twins Ryan and Justin Woods

So who of these 14 set of twin brothers is your favorite?

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