12 Hot Guys Wearing Suits: Fit Well-Tailored Suit = Sexy Women’s Lingerie?

The ever dapper Matt Bomer. Can’t wait to watch his upcoming movie, Magic Mike, which is scheduled for release in July 1. Are you with us in hoping that he has a more substantial role in the second installment?

hot guys in suits - matt bomer

Pinstripe suits look great on men too. Just ask Matthew Cameroon.


Ah. Shia La Beouf. You are crazy sometimes but there’s no denying that you look good in a suit.

hot guys in suits - shia la beouf - gq april2010

Our favorite guy in a suit is Canadian actor Gabriel Lenfant.


We’ve been trying to identify the guy in our last photo below but, so far, we’ve been unsuccessful. If you know who he is and what he does (e.g., modeling, acting, etc), do tell in the comment section.


That’s it for now fellow FashionWatchers. Which of these hot guys wearing suits is your favorite? If you say James Marsden then we think alike :-)