Jared Kushner Shirtless Body: Gay or Straight? Hot or Not?

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Jared Kushner Shirtless Body: Is He Hot or Not? Now that we have answered the most often asked question under the Trump administration — see is Donald Trump Bald — we should now proceed to the second most often asked question: Is Jared Kushner Hot or Not? What say you, fellow Famewatchers? Is the presidential son-in-law a hottie? To be honest, it’s kind of hard to decide. He’s got the cute geek look going for him, that’s for sure. However, his geeky cuteness does not reach the level of hot a-la John Favreau, the former Obama speechwriter who went on to date the gorgeous model that is Ali Campoverdi.

Josh Sharp Gay or Straight, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Josh Sharp shirtless cluckcluckjoshsharp

Josh Sharp Gay or Straight, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Ever since The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah got himself a girlfriend — see Trevor Noah Jordyn Taylor — we’ve been on the lookout for a geeky and funny guy to replace Trevor as our imaginary politically-astute boyfriend. We think we found him in the person of Josh Sharp.

Christopher Cousins Gay or Straight in Real Life: Shirtless Photos

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Christopher Cousins Gay or Straight in Real Life: Shirtless Photos. Apparently, Ben Daniels kissing buddy in The Exorcist is a recurring character on the show. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the two will have more romantic shenanigans to piss off them homophobic viewers who are offended by men getting kissy kissy with each other.

Taron Egerton Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

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Taron Egerton Shirtless, Underwear, and Awards Update. Damn! Who’d have thunk that the up-and-coming actor we first blogged about in 2015 will go on to establish himself in Hollywood. The now 32-year-old actor has proven that he is a talented actor following his role as Elton John in the 2019 movie Rocketman. He’s won a total of six acting trophies from award giving bodies such as the Golden Globes, the Satellite Awards, and the Hollywood Film Awards.

David Castaneda of Umbrella Academy Shirtless Photos

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David Castaneda Shirtless and Underwear Photos. The Umbrella Academy continues to be a hit for Netflix and we are halfway through watching the latest series. It has gone a bit long for our taste but we are very, very glad that the Hargreeves siblings are back which gives us an excuse to update this post on one of its main stars, David Castaneda.

Fernando Alonso Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

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Fernando Alonso Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch. Include Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso to your list of celebrities with Tag Heuer watches. Fernando may be boyish looking but this hunky Spanish racer is a badass in the racetrack with two world champion titles to his name. He’s a polyglot too: he speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and French. And, before you start hating him because he’s a guy with everything, you might be interested to know that he also do good things like being a UNICEF ambassador.