Zane Holtz Wife – Gay or Straight – Shirtless, Underwear, Denim Jacket

Zane Holtz Wife – Gay or Straight – Shirtless, Underwear, Denim Jacket. Check out Zane Holtz and his fabulous all-denim ensemble in this photoshoot for Vogue Hommes International magazine. For those who are wondering, his denim jeans jacket is by Levi Strauss while his jeans is by Kaporal.

zane holtz model - levis jean jackets kaporal jeans

Zane currently stars as Richie Gecko in From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, which is based on the Quentin Tarantino movie and developed for TV by Robert Rodriguez.

zane holtz richie gecko -dusk till dawn

The 28-year old Canadian actor is doing a good job as Richie and, for this role, he was nominated for Best TV Supporting Actor at the 2015 Fangoria Chainsaw Award.

And here’s what some fans are saying about him on IMDB:

  • His profile pics don’t really do him justice! The new series From Dusk til Dawn is really good so far and he’s becoming one of the main reasons to watch. He’s talented and sexy!
  • No joke he is a good looking man and this is coming from a hetero male
  • True that, which is a little disturbing considering he’s playing Richie Gecko.
  • I think the fact he’s sexy just makes the Richie character that much creepier.
  • I agree. I’m enjoying FDTD a lot more than I thought I would and the amazingly hot Gecko brothers are why. I definitely agree with you that Zane Holtz’s profile pictures do NOT do him justice. He is way hotter than these pictures show. It would be nice if IMDB would update with something a little more fitting. ;-)

Zane Holtz Shirtless. Well, here’s a photo that does him justice. Damn hot, isnt’ he? He also does some modeling apart from being an actor.

zane holts sexy body

Here’s a pic he shared to his fans via his Instagram account (follow him @zaneholtz) where he’s hanging out with Dusk Til Dawn co-stars Wilmer Valderrama and DJ Cotrona.

zane holtz with wilmer valderama and dj cotrona

Zane Holtz Gay or Straight? He is straight but does not mind playing gay roles. In fact he goes kissy-kissy with Josh Bowman in this scene from the TV series Make it or Break It.

josh bowman Zane Holtz gay kiss - make it or break it

Zane Holtz Wife? What’s Zane’s relationship history like? He’s rumored to have dated Josie Loren in the past. We’re not familiar with his current relationship status; he may or not be married to Chelsea Pagnini, the mother of his daughter London-Yves Pagnini.

[Update: Chelsea identifies herself as a mother and a wife on Twitter. We’re not sure if this means she is married to Zane or to someone else. But her recent tweets are mostly about Zane. If you happen to know whether Zane and Chelsea are married, do tell in the comments so we’ll have this “who’s the Zane Holtz wife” question settled. Hehe.]

Another modeling photo: He’s wearing cardigan and jeans by Roark and leather boots by Generic Man.

Zane Holtz modeling - cardigan and jeans by roark -leather boots by generic man for fiasco

Zane Holtz Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? We’d like to think of him as a briefs guy because he looks good in them.