Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso Power Rangers: Shirtless and Underwear Photo

yoshi sudarso underwear beachwear

Yoshi Sudarso Power Rangers: The Power Rangers of your childhood is making a comeback in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge. One of the stars of the show is the hunky Asian guy above, Yoshi Sudarso, who will play the role of Blue Ranger, Koda. Here’s Yoshi in his Power Rangers outfit with co-star Brennan Mejia who will play Lucas the Red Ranger.

Yoshi Sudarso blue power ranger with brennan mejia

More about Yoshi and his biggest Hollywood break from the Jakarta Post:

JAKARTA: Yoshi Sudarso says that he’s living his dream: The Hollywood stuntman of Indonesian descent is becoming a Power Ranger.

The 25-year-old, who was born in Jakarta but left Indonesia with his family in 1997 due to the financial crisis and the unrest that swept the country, will play the blue ranger in the series Power Rangers Dino Charge, which will debut in 2015, tribunnews.com is reporting.

“Today I fulfilled my childhood dream,” Yoshi, who has acted in films such as the upcoming The Maze Runner and Most Wanted, said on Facebook. “I’ve done the suit acting for [Power Rangers] for the past 2/3 years and never thought I would be the actual actor. I’m so excited to be the new blue Dino Charge ranger!”

“I won’t lie,” Yoshi said on Twitter about his new role. “I fanboyed a little bit haha.”

Yoshi Sudarso Underwear: What kind of underwear does Yoshi prefer to wear? Well, apparently, he likes him his Batman underwear. As to the cut of his undies, he likes him his boxer briefs which combine the best qualities of boxer shorts and briefs.

Yoshi Sudarso gay in  batman boxer briefs underwear

Question: Ain’t the photo above kind of gay? Is Yoshi Sudarso gay or straight? He is straight! In fact, if we are not mistaken, he is engaged to this girl.

Yoshi Sudarso girlfriend - or not

Yoshua Sudarso Girlfriend. A photo of Yoshi and his girlfriend he shared to his Instagram followers (you can follow him @yoshistunts) with the following message: “Here’s a game for you all, spot the difference :)”

Immediately, his followers noticed the ring. He followed Beyonce’s wise advice to put a ring on it. Do you know the name of Yoshi’s girlfriend? If you do, please share the info in the comments below. Thank you.

Yoshi Sudarso girlfriend or engaged

Our Yoshi taking a selfie. Want more Guys With iPhones?

Yoshi Sudarso iphone selfie - blue power ranger

Power Rangers is the biggest Hollywood break for Yoshi but he has several acting credits to his name such as Martial Science, Day Dreamers, Just Kidding Films, and She Has a Boyfriend. He also has 14 stunt credits to his name.