Bard & Vegard Ylvisaker (Ylvis) – Shirtless Photos: Do They Have Girlfriends?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re pretty sure you’ve already watched or listened to the viral song/Youtube video this year: The Fox (What Does the Fox Say) by the Norwegian brothers, Bard and Vegard YlvisÃ¥ker. You’ve not seen this global hit yet? Well, check it out below.

Now, since we are shallow, shallow people here at Famewatcher, the questions that came to mind after we watched the vid for, like, 30 times is “Do Bard and Vegard have shirtless photos? Do they have girlfriends or wives? Who is Bard and who is Vegard?” We know some of you kind of asked these questions too (come on, admit it) so we decided to try to answer them for you. Haha.

First, are there shirtless Ylvis photos out there? Hah! You’ve lucky because we found and grabbed this photo from their Facebook account (

ylvis shirtless

Who is Bard and who is Vegard? We think Vegard is the one with the shorter, darker, curlier hair while Brad is the other one. We may be mistaken though. Hehe.

bard and vegard ylvisaker

Bard is the one with blue eyes, right? Vegard is three years older than Bard according to their wikipedia pages.

bard and vegard ylvisaker - norwegian hunksjpg

On whether these newly world-famous singers (actually they are more comedians than singers) have girlfriends or wives, we found this wedding photo of Vegard and wife, Helene Helgesen, on a Norwegian website (

vegard ylvisaker wife helen

The site reports about the wedding (as translated by Google Translate):

After ten years and two children, said the two final yea in a retro wedding attire. Vegard Ylvisåker (32) and his partner Helene Helgesen (30) was today husband and wife.

This was absolutely sovereign, just as we had thought, said the groom after the wedding ceremony was over. Wedding outfit was perhaps less extravagant than in today’s first wedding, but with much more charm and personality.

Both had chosen a retro wedding attire. Elaine uses a used ’60s dress, bought on eBay, while Helene had a little more personal story behind her dress: She got married in the same dress as Vegard’s mother bar when she married in 1976.

We think Google needs better translators but we also think that you get the gist of the report, no?

Now what about Bard, is he also married or has a girlfriend? His wikipedia page does not say anything about his relationship status but the website states that he dated (maybe they’re still dating) a girl named Maria Byrkjeland Lekva.

We’re not sure though if is reliable so those of you who are imagining Bard as your boyfriend can still keep your hopes up. Hehe.