Wrestler in Spandex Suit: Andrea Minguzzi, Olympic Gold Medalist

Wrestler in Spandex Suit. This is a throwback post. Meaning, we published it a few years ago — 2010 to be exact — and are republishing it again to give you some update on the subject of the original post.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Andrea Minguzzi in Wrestling Suit


Want more gorgeous men in Lycra Spandex? Meet Andrea Minguzzi, an Italian wrestler who’s looking good in his wrestling suit. And he’s having some good fun, too. Oops, didn’t we say that wrestling is kinda hmmm?


Now that’s a hawt and sweaty wrestler in Spandex suit.


By the by, who do you think is hotter? Andrea or his Italian wrestling compatriot, Daigoro Timoncini?

Our friend Deena believes that Andrea is hotter because he won an Olympic gold at the Beijing Games. She sure has a good point, no? In the wrestling world, nothing is hotter than an Olympic gold medal.


Andrea in Adidas short shorts. [For a different kind of wrestling fashion, check out these Sumo Wrestling Underwear.]