LOL. This is so funny. Anyways, meet Khourtina Kardashian. She claims that she is the fourth Kardashian sister and that her family has chained her for years in the basement. Maybe the three older Kardashian girls are jealous of Khourtina’s awesome haircut and to-die-for eyelids, no? Someone call 911 to have this girl rescued :-) More…Read More →

Is it okay for you to wear nothing but your underwear in public? Of course not. Are you crazy? Do you want to be jailed for public indecency or something? But there are instances where it is acceptable to roam the streets in your briefs and boxers. Or, if you’re a girl, in your panties and lingerie. More…Read More →

Are you looking for the best tourist fun destinations? Sure you can go to the usual tourist places like the Eiffel Tower, or Broadway in New York, or Spanish beaches but practically all tourists are going there. Where’s the fun in that? You should, instead, check out the following:

Constance Bay, Canada where you will see some good-old dog-style boinking.


Let this be a lesson to government officials: if you leave a space in a road sign, it is an invitation for pranksters to fill it up. Here’s the back story on the road sign above with two stick figures doing something which they should be doing in the privacy of their bedroom.

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