Work Overalls for Men: Real World Fashion Watch

Work Overalls for Men: Real World Fashion Watch. Let’s take a break from blogging about the sometimes silly and impractical things that fashion models wear on the runway and see what people are actually using in the real world. Famewatchers, meet our men in work overalls. First, here’s an airplane mechanic in his coveralls.

work overalls for men

Then here’s a bomb disposal expert (that’s what we think he does, anyways).

work overalls for men pest exterminator

A pest exterminator.

A construction guy.

work overalls for men construction

A military dude in camouflage coveralls.

camouflage overalls

And, finally, a miner or a fireman’s coveralls.

Work Overalls for Men miners

Want more men in overalls?

Boy in Mechanic Coveralls: Real World Fashion
10 February 2010


We should have uploaded this guy in his mechanic coveralls before we did that post on Emma Parker Bowles learning how to be a mechanic, no? But as our grandma used to say, ’tis better late than never, ’tis better late than never. Anyhoo, do you think this coverall is too big for the boy? Looks like it, no?


Farmers in Coveralls: Drew Poppelreiter, Mississipi Farmer Hunk
11 December 2009

Want more men in coveralls? Well, here’s American Idol Drew Poppelreiter, the 24 year old farmer from Mississippi who auditioned two years back. He made it to the Holywood round but didn’t make it to the public voting stage of the competition. We must admit that we were pretty disappointed when he was cut because the guy can actually sing.

farmers coveralls drew popelreiter

More farmer guys in coveralls after the jump.

farm Work Overalls for Men

Work Overalls for Men farmers

Work Overalls for guys

Work Overalls for boys


Sailor’s Coveralls: Real World Fashion
10 February 2010


Okay, we’re really not sure whether there’s such a specific thing as a sailor’s coverall (in the same way that there’s an aviator’s coveralls, or mechanic coveralls, or a racer’s overall suit), but since this guy is obviously at sea and he’s wearing a coverall, let’s call it a sailor’s coveralls. Or a fisherman’s coverall according to our friend Deena.

Any objections? None! Then the matter is settled.

Work Overalls for Men: Real World Fashion Watch. Posted 26 January 2010. Updated 2 June 2017.