Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans

Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans. What group of men wear their denim jeans the best? Well, we give our vote to male construction workers (or, in the case of Kekoa Nalu, male models posing as construction workers).

work jeans for men

No photographer, don’t just shoot his upper body, we are interested in his work jeans.

work jeans for men kekoa nalu

That’s more like it.

By the way, is there something wrong with our eyes or does Kekoa (aka Jarrett Rex) kind of resemble Ben Affleck?

Update. What some of you are saying about Kekoa Nalu: “Oh WOW. This is a most handsome man. He works on all levels. Cute is good. Sexy can be unaproachable, BUT…CUTE AND SEXY is a lethal combination! Before you know it, your’e hooked, turning over your wallet, car keys just to spend some time with him! And I think he’s a TAD sexier than Ben Affleck!”


Kekoa Nalu aka Jarrett Rex is Also Known as Akoni. Wow. Our Kekoa is apparently starring in a reality show called Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too which you can watch on Oxygen. However, he ain’t going by the name Kekoa or Jarrett Rex. Instead he’s now going by the name Akoni Clubb. That’s an interesting name. We get why he’s calling himself Akoni being Hawaiian and all but “Clubb” is a rather strange family name, no? Maybe he’s going for a memorable name rather than a generic one. He was eliminated on the fourth episode of the reality show.

Interestingly, there is an athlete from Hawaii named Akoni Clubb, we’re not sure if he’s the same guy as the Love Games’ Akoni but here’s a picture of Akoni the athlete dude.

From what we gathered, Akoni Club (the athlete) attended Azusa Pacific University and is into decathlon and pentathlon. He is friends with Bryan Clay, Olympic gold medalist for decathlon.

Work Jeans for Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans. Posted 5 February 2010.