Best High Heel Shoes in the World: Can You Run in Them?

Best High Heel Shoes For Women. Question: What is the best high-heeled shoes in the world? Answer: The shoes that wins the Race on Heels competition in Paris!

best high heel shoes for women

Seriously girls, have you ever tried running in high heels? Because if you are an expert at it, you might want to compete in the “Race on Heels” where women are asked to run on heels above 7 centimetres on a 50-metre track. We encourage Tom Cruise to encourage his wife high heels-loving wife Katie Holmes to join the race.

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Jennifer Lopez Shoes: Christian Louboutin Footwear

Jennifer Lopez Shoes: Christian Louboutin Footwear. What? We are doing two Jennifer Lopez posts in one day? Well, why not? She’s a superstar, isn’t she? Anyhoo, this time we’re blogging about Jen’s frilly Christian Louboutin shoes which kind of matches her frilly dress. Maybe it’s the way she is posing, but we are not loving her outfit here. Her dress, sorry to say, looks like a garbage bag. What do you think? She’s got awesome earrings though which is lovely.

jennifer lopez shoes christian louboutin

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