What do singing superstar Madonna and football superstar David Beckham have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they are both international superstars, the two have a thing for Adidas tracksuits. You can see our earlier post on David in his Adidas tracksuit. Now, here’s Madonna and her jogging suit.

It doesn’t look like our Material Girl is going running but that is not a reason to not wear her favorite Adidas sports wear.Read More →

Siobhan Magnus Fashion Watch: Long Boots and Short Jeans. We love Siobhan Magnus. So we’re disappointed when she was voted out of American Idol. Argh. We will be missing her quirkiness and her singing which was often unfairly criticized by the judges. Anyhoo, Siobhan looks good in them long boots and short denim jeans, no? Transcript of Siobhan’s conference call interview via MJ’s Big Blog: What were her thoughts on Adam Lambert as a mentor, as some people are comparing her vocals and style to him, “It was wicked flattering being compared to him. Right off the bat, I respect him so much for hisRead More →

We’ve been looking around for skinny jeans for girls. We must admit that we weren’t impressed by what we found (like this retro jeggings for instance) until we came across this really chic item. Now, that’s a pair of jeans we’d see ourselves wearing. You know what we love most about this jeans? It’s gotta be the zipper at the bottom. It’s a thoughtful and very functional addition to an already cool-looking pair of jeans. But before we get carried away rambling about this new find, let us remind ourselves that skinny jeans (particularly the supertight variety) can give you the tingling thigh syndrome ifRead More →