Jane Seymour Fashion Style: Fabulous Red Bandage Dress

Jane Seymour Fashion Style: Fabulous Red Bandage Dress. Look who’s looking good in her bandage dress? It’s Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour, that’s who! At 61 years old, she’s looking like she’s only in her forties. In fact, she’s in much better shape than our 30-something friend, Deena. Want more Celebrities Wearing Bandage Dresses?
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Swimsuit for Older Women: Lorraine Kelly’s Two-Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit for Older Women. Who says women in their fifties cannot wear two-piece bikinis? Not British television host Lorraine Kelly seen here playing with the waters of Bali’s famous beaches. When it comes to swimwear, the most important thing for those wearing them — whether young or older — is to have fun, fun, fun.
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Fashion for Women in Their 40s: Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox


Who’s looking better in their evening get-up? Lisa Kudrow in her dress pants and jacket or Courteney Cox in her above-the-knee dress? Sorry Lisa, you are our favorite Friends star but Courteney (our third favorite after Joey) wins this one. We think Courteney dressed for the occasion while Lisa looks like she attended a PTA meeting and went straight to this benefit gig (this is a benefit gig right?)
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