womens winter coats 2016 - kate middleton goat redgrave coat

Womens Winter Coats 2016. Who does not want to look like a princess? We all do, right? So we checked out Kate Middleton’s (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) winter fashion to see what she’s wearing when it comes to winter coats. We made a list on what we found out.
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“Fur coats shouldn’t be made of fur” declares this vintage ad for Timme-Tation fake fur featuring Hollywood icons Doris Day, Amanda Blake, Angie Dickinson, Jane Meadows, and Mary Tyler Moore. Agree or disagree with the ad? Of course we should agree! Do you really want to wear dead animal stuff on your back? Eww! More importantly, you don’t want them crazies from PETA to be running after you, no? UPDATE: Designer Faux Fur Coat for Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Hmmm. Let’s update this post to bring you more current faux fur coats particularly those sold by your favorite fashion designers for the fall/winter 2013-2014 season. First upRead More →