Celebrity Fur Coats: Famous Women Wearing Fur. Looking for famous women or female celebrities wearing fur coats? Here’s our Famewatcher list of girls who love them their fur outfits. We don’t know if these girls are wearing faux fur or the real deal. And we won’t be surprised if some angry PETA folks picket these celebrities’ homes. Anyhoo, let us begin our list of celebrity fur coats with:

Lindsay Lohan. She may not be looking good in this photo but her pink fur coat looks awesome. Great pick, girl! If only she’s as as discriminating in picking her life choices as she is in picking her pink coat. [Want more winter clothes for women?]

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Womens Winter Coats 2016. Who does not want to look like a princess? We all do, right? So we checked out Kate Middleton’s (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) winter fashion to see what she’s wearing when it comes to winter coats. We made a list on what we found out.

Reiss Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat. How much is this fabulous coat? You can buy it for £325 at reiss.com. This black and white wrap coat is made of 70% Wool and 30% Polyester.

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