Willie Geist Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?

Merry Christmas Famewatchers! Woke up this morning after a night of Christmas drinking. Our Beau is still sleeping. So are our friends who came over for Christmas. Got nothing better to do so just decided to blog about some of the stuff you often ask and which we wanted to blog about at the beginning of the year but never got to doing.

For instance, does Willie Geist wear boxers or briefs? Is he gay or gay-OK? Can he rock a mustache? Is he hotter than Josh Elliot of Today rival Good Morning America? [Want more media hunks? Check out our post about Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett.]

Let’s begin with the gay question: No he is not gay. He is, in fact, married to a woman. Sure, he does seem to be in touch with his feminine side but so does David Beckham and George Clooney and other metrosexual dudes out there.

willie geist is a gay male model

Oh wait, what is he doing with Al Roker? Some kind of Brokeback TV? Surely neither Beckham nor Clooney will kiss a guy on the lips, no? [Kevin says: Ugh! Brokeback jokes are so 2005. Cut it out.]

willie geist gay kiss

Anyhoo, about Willie’s gayness, here’s what our friends at gay-or-friends.com say about the matter:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Willie Geist: According to 117 visitors Willie Geist is 78% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Willie Geist has been voted highly gay.

That gay-o-meter reading doesn’t really settle anything so let’s move on to whether Mr. Geist prefers to wear boxers or briefs or thongs or what-have-you. Sadly, for you CelebrityUnderwearPreferenceWatchers, we don’t have him on record talking about his undies.

But the citizens of Internetlandia have been speculating about the matter and this is what they are saying:

Ron (commentariat of boxers-or-briefs.com): Any clues on the underwear choice of cable news anchors or reporters? I know Bill Hemmer of Fox wears white briefs and Willie Geist of MSNBC wears boxers as does Brian Kilmeade of Fox. Wondering about: Joe Scarborough, Dylan Ratigan, Don Lemon, John King, Anderson Cooper, and Sean Hannity.

Ronnie (commentariat of underwear4men.com): I watch a fair amount of cable news & have tried to guess the underwear choice of the better looking guys. Here are my guesses, based on personality, age & background.
Anderson Cooper – Boxers high end
John King – Boxers
Don Lemon – Briefs CK
Joe Scarborough – Briefs Hanes
Willie Geist – Boxers GAP
Dylan Ratigan – Boxers
Sean Hannity – Briefs Jockey
Bill Hemmer – Briefs Jockey
Bret Baer – Boxers

Hehe. Can you imagine Willie Geist in this blue Gap boxers underwear? We think it will suit him nicely.

willie geist underwear - boxers by gap - maybe

This is the closest thing to a shirtless Willie Geist photo you will ever see. Even though he does not mind kissing Al Roker, the man seems to be conservative when it comes to skin-baring.

willie geist shirtless - fake chest hair

Hmmm. He actually looks much yummier when he was younger, no?

willie geist basketball star in uniform2

We are tempted to make a joke about Willie and his two balls but we ain’t gonna do that. Hehehe.