Geoff Stults Gay or Straight, Underwear, and Speedo Photos. Look who’s rocking his pair of teeny weeny Speedo swim briefs? It’s Enlisted star Geoff Stults! He shared this photo to his Instagram followers. For those of you wondering the other guys in the pic are his older bro George Stults (center) and reality star Silas Gaither of Survivor Africa (left). Like Geoff, George is also an actor.

geoff stults speedo swimbriefs

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Nine Hot Speedo Guys in 2016. We’ve already proven that white Speedos are the best Speedos when it comes to showing off. We also showed you some famous male celebrities – in the world of sports, media, and acting – who love them their white Speedos. Now, let’s check out these Nine Hot Speedo Guys Who Are Rocking Their White Swimsuits.

We begin our list with:

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