White Jeans for Men: Stephan Weiler, Swiss Male Model

White Jeans For Men Fashion Style. Male fashion question of the day: Should men wear white jeans? Sure, fashion wise, there’s no problem with men wearing white jeans. Our only problem with it is the fact that, as we mentioned in an earlier post, white jeans – or any white clothing for that matter – […]
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Girls White Jeans: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

Girls White Jeans: Jennifer Lopez Bootcut Jeans. German supermodel Claudia Schiffer isn’t the only female celebrity who obviously loves white jeans. Apparently, Jennifer Lopez loves her her white jeans too. If you are wondering about the brand she is wearing, our Jenny From the Block is wearing a girls white bootcut jeans.
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William Moseley Jeans: Levis + Ralph Lauren Denims


We’ve seen him in his kinda outlandish red jeans. Now, here’s British actor William Moseley in a more traditional blue jeans. But its not traditionally classic though coz this is probably the brightest blue jeans we’ve ever seen which is unlike the classic shades which are the darker kind of blue.
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