Tight body-fitting jeans are probably the sexiest men’s jeans ever. But you must have the body shape like South African male model Bryce Thompson’s to pull off the “body hugging fit jeans look”. Believe you me, this type of jeans does not look sexy on a thin guy with no curvy behind.Read More →

claudia schiffer white jeans

German female model Claudia Schiffer is dressed in all white as she navigates the streets of London. The giantess (she stands 5’11” after all) is no longer active in the modeling world but she was in the news lately and not for a good reason. Here’s a report about Claudia’s train adventures which got her in the news:

From the Telegraph: Passengers stranded on one of the Eurostar trains claimed that Claudia Schiffer, the model, was given special treatment.

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