White Briefs Underwear: 12 Classy and Classic White Underwear

White Briefs Underwear for Men: A Brand Listing. Is there anything more classic when it comes to men’s underthingies than white briefs? We sure can’t think of any! Can you? Depends of course what you mean by classic and we here at Famewatcher define the word as something that has stood the test of time, is still fashionable today, and won’t go away in the future. Like, you know, Levis denim jeans, a sharply tailored three-piece suit, and silk ties.

Anyhoo, if you are looking for white briefs underwear for yourself or your man but don’t know what to buy, here’s a list of underwear brands you might want to check out:

Calvin Kleins Underwear (below left). You can’t go wrong with Calvin Kleins. White briefs has always been a popular but CK, through its controversial ads featuring Tom Hintnaus, is the first to bring it out in the open for everyone to appreciate how it looks oh-so-good on a man.

white briefs underwear for men - ck and schultz2

Schultz Underwear (above right). Ever heard of Schultz underwear? This is also our first tie to hear of it but whoever is designing these undies deserve lots of props for the colorful and suggestive names for their underwear (like, say, I Want Out or Girls on Top or Coming Soon).

Fruit of the Loom and Diesel Underwear. Ahh, Fruit of the Loom, you may be underrated but celebrities do love you. [Proof? See these celebrities wearing Fruit of the Loom.] Meanwhile, male model Julian Gabriel looks ready to mingle in his Diesel briefs underwear.

white briefs underwear for men - ftl and diesel2

Emporio Armani and Garcon White Briefs Underwear. David Beckham may have moved on from his Emporio Armani days but this EA advert featuring the football/soccer god is worth memorializing. Now, is the global football icon checking out the other model’s Garcon underwear? Looks like it, no?

white briefs underwear for men - armani and garcon

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