Mark Evans Actor, Singer, Farmer’s Son in Your Country Needs You

MARK EVANS ACTOR, SINGER, FARMERS SON. Famewatchers, meet Mark Evans our imaginary British (Welsh) boyfriend. He is sooo cute, isn’t he. Anyways, our Mark is competing in this British reality show called “Your Country Needs You” the winner of which will represent the UK in Eurovision 2009 scheduled this coming May in Moscow. We hope Mark wins this competition because we want to see him go to Moscow :-)
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Taron Egerton Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Taron Egerton gay shirtless sexy body2

TARON EGERTON GAY OR GIRLFRIEND? Whatever his sexuality is, Taron will be playing the role of a gay man in his next movie Legend where he co-stars with Tom Hardy. One of Tom’s character (Ronnie Kray) and Taron’s character (Edward Smith) were lovers in real life so don’t be surprised if Tom and Taron end up kissing each other in the movie. Kevin sure is looking forward to seeing that!
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Gethin Jones Shirtless: Welsh Hottie is a Speedo Hunk

Gethin Jones sexy chest hair

Gethin Jones Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Speedo Hunk. Looking for a Welsh hunk? Well, we give you Welsh presenter Gethin Jones looking fabulous on the cover of Attitude Magazine. Don’t you just love his chest hair? If you are like us, you prefer your men to not shave their chest hair. We find unshaved chests to be sexier and, well, more manly.
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