Vito Cammisano Shirtless Photos: Michael Sam’s Swimmer Boyfriend

Ever since college football star (and now NFL rookie) Michael Sam came out of the closet, everyone and their mother have been talking about the young footballer and his bravery. “Everyone”, of course, includes us here at Famewatcher because we did a blog post on Michael (see Michael Sam Underwear) but we were very wrong when we mentioned that his boyfriend is a certain Sean Smith. In fact, Michael’s boyfriend is a certain Vito Cammisano.

So who is this Vito? Does he look good shirtless? Is he hawt? Is he a good and proper match for our Michael? Well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words so let’s have this photo of the young lovebirds answer your questions.

vito cammisano shirtless - michael sam boyfriend

Yes he looks good shirtless. Yes he is hawtie with a swimmer’s body. And, yes, these two look like a good match. In fact, they look happy together so we’re going to say that the match is made in heaven.

Here’s another Vito Cammisano shirtless photo. Who’s the lady friend?

vito cammisano shirtless - swimmers body

Hey, Vito, that’s not how you drink from a water bottle! Do you want to drown yourself?