Vintage Ladies Watches: Elgin Watch Advertisements

Vintage Ladies Watches: Elgin Watch Advertisements. Today in vintage watches for ladies, we bring you Ann Blyth and her Elgin Watch from the 1950s. Honestly we had to do some googling to know more about Ann and her watch.

Here’s what we dug up about our Ann (via wikipedia): “Ann Marie Blyth (born August 16, 1928) is an American actress and singer, often cast in Hollywood musicals, but also successful in dramatic roles. Her performance as Veda Pierce in the 1945 film Mildred Pierce was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.”

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Muhammad Ali Watch, Boxing Gloves, Sunglasses

Muhammad Ali Watch, Boxing Gloves, Sunglasses. Vintage watch advertisement featuring the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. The watch above appears to have been manufactured by a company called Depraz Faure America Corp. We can’t find anything about this manufacturer but there’s a Swiss watch company called Dubois Dépraz which must have been the parent company for the American branch.

muhammad ali watch vintage

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