Van Delorey is Hunter Clowdus: Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless and Boxers Underwear

Van Delorey is Hunter Clowdus. If you are like us, you’d have binged on the new Netflix show American Vandal and went, “Hey, that Van Delorey guy is hawt, hawt, hawt. Who is he in real life?” IMDB did not identify the actor so we did some digging and found out that the hunky guy who plays Van Delorey is a model/actor named Hunter Clowdus. (Update: IMDB eventually credited Hunter as Van Delorey). Here are the shirtless images of Van/Hunter on American Vandal which piqued our interest and made him a candidate as our imaginary TV boyfriend for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018. Hehe.

Hey, Van, do you need someone to rub ’em cream on your back?

Not unexpectedly, our Hunter Clowdus, apart from being an actor, is also a model so we got us some modeling photos like the one below which showcases his sculpted washboard abs.

Hunter Clowdus underwear preference: boxer or briefs? As you see in the next photo, he likes him his boxer briefs. Like our real beau, our imaginary Netflix beau also likes him his Calvin Kleins. Since we are all about male celebrity underwear here on Famewatcher, it goes without saying that this is our favorite Hunter pic :-)

More Hunter Clowdus/Van Delorey shirtless photos courtesy of his Model Mayhem page.

Hunter Clowdus Gay or Girlfriend? Is the hottie gay or straight? We don’t know either way. Does he have a girlfriend? We have no idea either. But you can find out more about him if you follow the guy on Instagram (@hunterclowdus).

hunter clowdus gay or straight

More about Hunter from his IMDB page: “Hunter Clowdus is an American actor originally from Chattanooga, TN. He began is acting career at 18 with a supporting role on MTV’s Teen Wolf. He has since worked on some of the most prestigious sets with some of the most prominent and distinguished actors in Hollywood. His work ethic is relentless and he pairs that with a genuine southern charm. The future is extremely bright for Hunter Clowdus.”

We only saw glimpses of Hunter in American Vandal but let us keep our fingers crossed that we will see more of him in the second season. We’re pretty sure Netflix has a hit on its hands so we do not doubt for a minute that there will be a season two for the show.