Tyra Banks’ Boyfriend is Rob Evans?

Is America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) fairy godmother Tyra Banks doing the horizontal mambo with new ANTM judge Rob Evans? We ask because gossip mongers from Radar Online to the Daily Mail are reporting that a source named so and so saw Tyra and Rob on a date and doing such and such.

If the rumors are true, Tyra Banks would be finding herself in a tricky situation because she ain’t just a co-judge of Rob on ANTM but is actually also his boss and isn’t office affairs like this frowned upon?

But other than the fact that she is the boss of him, there’s really no reason for them not to hook up if they so desire, right. After all, she’s single and he’s single. If the rumors are true, she wins the title of America’s Next Top Cougar while he will be America’s Next Top Boytoy. Way to go, Tyra!

Yum! Yum! Yum. Hehehe.

Although Rob is considerably less famous than the supermodel-turned-TV-mogul, it must be noted that he’s actually a pretty successful model himself. In fact, as we mentioned in an earlier post we wrote about him [Rob Evans: Sexy British Black Male Model], he ranks #17 in the models.com list of the Top 50 Male Models. Here’s what models.com says about Rob:

Once in a blue moon comes a visage like that of the handsome Rob Evans. This British boxer has already captivated Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Trussardi with his matinee idol face and body. We look forward to seeing more of the perfection that is Mr. Evans.

Given that he’s got a new, very visible gig as ANTM judge, we expect Rob’s ranking to rise astronomically in the next few months.

Oh wait, did they say he is a boxer? Yes, you read that right. He was a boxer first before he decided to focus on modeling. Check him out in his boxing outfit.

We thought Amir Khan is the sexiest British boxer out there but Rob is actually hotter than him. Sorry, Amir. Hehe. We still love you! [Want more Amir? Check out Amir Khan’s Weigh In Underwear Photos.]

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