Tolgahan Sayisman Shirtless, Underwear, Turkish Model and Actor

Tolgahan Sayisman Shirtless, Underwear, Turkish Model and Actor. Want more hot men from Turkey? What? You mean you ain’t satisfied yet with Ertem Eser, Kivanc Kasabali, Kivanc Tatlitug, and Burak Ozcivit? Okay. Truth be told, we also want more hunky Turkish men so we went digging for more.

tolgahan sayisman shirtless

Famewathers, meet Tolgahan Sayisman. According to them information gods and goddesses of wikipedia, this Tolgahan hunk is a model, television host, and actor. He was also the winner of the 2005 Manhunt International competition held in South Korea. We’re pretty these photos of him were taken from said male beauty pageant. Hawt.

tolgahan sayisman underwear


Tolgahan Sayisman Fashion Style
10 June 2011

How famous is Tolgahan Sayisman? Well, we’re not from Turkey so we can’t categorically say how famous he is but we’d like to think he’s pretty famous. After all, he won’t be featured as the cover boy of two dissimilar magazines – FHM Magazine which cater to men who like to look at girly pictures and Cosmopolitan Magazine which targets women readers – if you’re not pretty famous, right? Looks like our sexy Turkish hottie has fans in both the male and female demographics.

Tolgahan’s FHM Cover for his male fans who generally are more interested in ogling at girlie pics.

Tolgahan’s Cosmo Cover for his female fans who love to look at pretty boys.

So we know that this hottie is very famous. But does he have a good fashion sense? Of course he does. He does not only look good in his underwear/swimwear as you can see above. He looks good in other outfits too and this is because it looks like he’s got a good fashion style.

Doesn’t he rock his suit-no-tie look? It’s a style that Hollywood celebrities from Brad Pitt to George Clooney to lesser stars favor too. It’s casual-formal chic which was just a trend before but is likely to be a permanent look in male fashion.

Tolgahan looking gorgeous in his dark blue suit and tie.

We are big fans of men in athletic tank top shirts so this is probably our “favoritest” Tolgahan photo. Sooo, sexy and hot.

Tolgahan looking gorgeous in his pretty cool jeans-and-turtleneck sweater ensemble.

Okay, that’s it folks. But before we end this update, we’d like to answer some of your google questions such as:

Is Tolgahan Sayisman gay? We honestly don’t know. We tend to think that Manhunt International, the male beauty pageant he won a few years back, tends to attract gay participants and viewers but it does not necessarily mean that all those who join the contest are gay. We

Does Tolgahan have a girlfriend/wife? Again, we are clueless on this one. His wikipedia and IMDB entries doesn’t say anything about him having a girlfriend or a wife but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have either. But he does have an internet girlfriend here at Famewatcher. Hehe. We dream about him every time we go to bed. Hehehe.

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