Triathlon Shorts on Celebrities: Jeremy Jackson and Jenson Button

Triathlon Shorts on Celebrities: Jeremy Jackson and Jenson Button. Today in men wearing spandex, we bring you Baywatch hunk Jeremy Jackson (aka Hobie Buchannon) in his triathlon shorts. Jeremy is looking awesome isn’t he? All that triathlon swimming and running and biking has surely given him a great looking body, no?

triathlon shorts jeremy jackson

celebrity triathlon shorts

Shirtless photos of Jeremy during his Baywatch days.

celebrities wearing triathlon shorts

triathlon shorts jeremy jackson

Want more men in Lycra spandex? Check out Italian Olympic gold medalist Andrea Minguzzi, world champion decathlete Trey Hardee, and Matthew Fox in his cycling shorts. [Sorry. Links removed.]


Jenson Button in Triathlon Outfit & Lawrence Dallaglio’s Spandex. Are you a fan of famous men in Spandex and celebrities wearing body-hugging Lycra outfits? Then we’re pretty sure you’ll like these photos of top Formula 1 driver Jenson Button in his Lycra outfits taken during some triathlon event where he swam, ran, and biked.

celebrity wearing spandex lycra - jenson button

According to the Daily Mail, Jenson participates in triathlon’s to maintain his fitness during the off-season. Says our champ driver: “Some people use Formula 1’s winter season as a time to wind down, but I love to compete. So it’s fantastic to be able to stay competitive while also working on my fitness by taking part in the Rockingham Triathlon.”

More photos of Jenson’s triathlon shorts below.

triathlon shorts jenson button

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Cycling Spandex for Men: Lawrence Dallaglio and Prince Harry (26 February 2010). What should you wear for a meeting with Prince Harry? If Lady Gaga can wear an outrageous red dress when she met the Queen, you can wear a revealing Lycra spandex right?


Well, the answer is yes if you are England rugby hero Lawrence Dallaglio. But just because Lawrence can do it doesn’t mean that you can be as informal too. After all, the Prince and the rugby player are good friends.

From the Daily Mail:”The two of us go back a long way and I am touched by his continual support,’ said Dallaglio, who has been accompanied by eight fellow cyclists and dozens of supporters. There was quite a bit of ribbing about our Lycra get up and we gave him a bit of stick about him only wearing a suit but it was all very good natured. He was asked to get on a bike but the answer was a very firm ‘no way’. The prince said yesterday that he was ‘delighted’ to support his friend’s fundraising efforts and described the former England rugby captain as ‘a legend’.”

Dallaglio and several others are cycling 1800 miles from Rome to Edinburgh to raise money for charity.

Triathlon Shorts on Celebrities: Jeremy Jackson and Jenson Button. Posted 17 October 2010.