Black Transgender Celebrities: Then and Now, Before and After Transition

laverne cox before and after - black transgender celebriteis2

Famous Black Transgender Celebrities. Fellow Famewatchers, here’s a list of seven black transgender celebrities who gained fame in the world of modeling, acting, and activism. Props to all of them for their bravery. We give very special props to Isis King because she is really the one who made us realize our cluenessness about the transgender community. Thank you, Isis (and to Tyra too).
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Audrey Middleton Boyfriend? Transgender on Big Brother (nee Adam Middleton?)


Audrey Middleton Boyfriend? Childhood name is Adam Middleton? In a first for Big Brother on ABC, the casting gods have chosen their first-ever transgender housemate. Her name is Audrey Middleton. Before she transitioned, she grew up as a boy named Adam in a little charming town in northwest Georgia.
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