Top Tennis Athletes in Speedo Swimsuits: Who Wears It Best?

Top Tennis Athletes in Speedo. Time for another post on athletes wearing Speedo swimsuits. This time, let’s focus on your favorite tennis stars who love them their skimpy Speedo outfits. Let’s begin with Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini seen below with a friend as they hold together what appears to be a baby crocodile. Or is this a komodo dragon?

tennis players in speedo - fabio fognini with friend

Fognini currently ranks as the 19th best tennis player in the world and has banked a total of $4,980,583 in prize money.

Next in our list of Speedo-wearing tennis player is Bulgarian hunk Grigor Dimitrov seen below sunbathing with ex-girlfriend Maria Sharapova. We gotta admit though that we are not quite sure whether he is wearing a Speedo swimsuit or a pair of good old skimpy briefs. What do you think.

grigor dimitrov speedo or underwear

To date, Dimitrov has a total prize money of $4,374,552 and currently ranks at #11 worldwide. Want more shirtless Grigor Dimitrov photos?

Ahh, here’s our imaginary Italian tennis boyfriend Simone Bolelli rocking his skimpy Speedo swimsuit. Ain’t he hot? He’s totally shaggable, no?

Simone Bolelli speedo underwear2

By the way, did you know that Simone and Fabio Fognini above are buddy-buddies? Here they are hanging out at the beach in their Speedos.

simone bolelli - fabio fognini2

Our imaginary beau has fallen down the tennis ranks (he’s currently at #76 worldwide) but he’s made more than a two million dollars playing tennis – $2,528,431 to be exact.

Meanwhile, here’s current world #3 Rafael Nadal in a squarecut swimsuit. Pic was taken by the papz when Rafa and his girlfriend were vacationing in Majorca. Is his swimsuit made by Emporio Armani?

tennis players in speedo - rafa nadal - emporio armani - majorca vacation

Did you know that, to date, Nadal has earned a total of $70,798,519 in prize money.

Last but not the least in our list of tennis Speedo hunks is the Current King of the Hill: Novak Djokovic of Serbia. Pic is from a photoshoot he did with Vogue Magazine.

tennis players in speedo - novak djokovic for vogue magazine

When it comes to prize money, Novak is fast catching up to Nadal. So far, he Serbian tennis hero has made a total of $66,955,115 playing tennis.

So that’s it for now. We will update this post once we come across other tennis players who love them their Speedo swimsuits.

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