Tom Brady Underwear: Tighty Whities for NFL Quarterback

Tom Brady Underwear: Tighty Whities. There were some talks a few years back that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is going to be an underwear model for Calvin Klein. Unfortunately, no such thing happened because if you search for “Tom Brady underwear” (which some of you obviously did), the only image that pops up would be his SNL guesting where he kinda pranced around the office in his obviously padded tighty whities.

tom brady underwear boxers or briefs

But Tom’s lack of underwear modeling photos has not deterred his fans from drawing sexy photos of him in his sexy briefs. Meet Tom of Underwearland. Awesome. He has the muscles washboard abs to make him one of them Chippendale dancers, no? That is, in case he ever wants to pursue an alternative career. [Want more quarterback underwear? Go check out our post on Jimmy Garoppolo.]

tom brady underwear briefs

Update: Here are more Tom Brady underwear still images from his SNL appearance years ago.

tom brady underwear tighty whitie briefs

Nice, Tommy boy!

tom brady underwear snl

Here’s the video version. The relevant part starts at 1:45.


Tom Brady in Men’s Suits: Esquire Cover Boy
26 August 2008

tom brady esquire magazine

You’ve seen Tom Brady hugging his goat and you’ve seen him as a motorcycle riding dude. Now here’s our Tom as some kind of a suit with a coat and tie and a well-shined shoes. It suits him well, I must say.

In case you are wondering, the New England quarterback is dressed up like that because he’s the cover boy of Esquire Magazine.


We Love Us Our Tom Brady
03 August 2008

tom brady stetson

We can’t get enough of the handsome football hunk that Tom Brady so here he is again. Is that a motorcycle he is, hmmm, kinda humping? Looks weird to us. Make sure you don’t miss the picture of our Tom Brady hugging his goat. That pic is endearing and that goat is real lucky.


Tom Brady Loves Him His Goat
02 August 2008

tom brady goat

Yeah. Apparently New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady loves animals. Goats to be specific.

Hey Tom, we hope you scrubbed yourself after that goat-hugging you’re doing. We don’t think that model girlfriend of yours (What’s her name again? Gazelle?) will be happy if you hop in bed smelling like a goat.

tom brady shirtless combine

By the way, here’s a shirtless Tom photo from back in 2000 or way before he became uber-famous. Hehe. He didn’t have washboard abs back then, then?

Tom Brady Underwear, Shirtless, and Goat Hugging Photo first posted 02 August 2008. Latest update on 3 March 2017.