Toby Keith Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or Thongs


This post if for those of you who are looking for Toby Keith underwear. Don’t worry. We won’t judge you. Famewatcher is a safe place for Toby Keith underwear “googlers”.

Those looking for shirtless Vladimir Putin or Tony Abbott Speedo, on the other hand, are going to be judged by us. Putin and Abbott fanatics are crazy. We don’t like Vlad anymore, and you should stop looking for his shirtless pics, because he is risking World War III by redrawing the map of Europe.

As for Tony, well, Tony is estupido y tonto. He is so stupid you can call him the “male version of Sarah Palin” and he’d smile his fishy smile like you gave him a compliment. No wonder the Aussies are puking him out.

Anyhoo, let’s stop ranting about stupid world leaders and let’s not forget that this post is about Toby Keith underwear. Does he wear boxers or briefs?

Well, considering that Ellen Degeneres gifted our country star with a pair of boxer briefs, it’s same to assume that he prefers this style of underwear cut. But can you imagine him wearing a thong underwear? That would be a sight to behold, no?

Anyhoo, since this is about Toby Keith underwear, we decided to scour the internets for some relevant stories. Check ’em out:

He has a favorite secret underwear according to his song, I Ain’t Already There:

Baby I just landed grabbed my bag and hopped a cab
And I am coming solo
Light a candle, fill the tub, and put on some music that you love
And I will bring the mojo
Yeah the cabby said he would drive like heck
If you would promise me a pony tail
And my favorite secret underwear
Only bad thing about it
I am already there

He doesn’t judge nerds blogging in their underwear. From a CNN interview:

CNN: Do you think controversy has been a good thing for your career? Do you think you’ve courted controversy sometimes?

Toby Keith: I’ve learned to embrace the booger-eatin’ nerds that sit around in their underwear and type blogs. I’ve embraced that. So I use them to my advantage. They’re going to do it whether I’m a good guy or a bad guy.

And a crazy fangirl threw her underwear at Toby. Watch:

That’s so funny we have to screencap it for posterity:

toby keith underwear thong