doug savant teen wolf - shirtless

Doug Savant Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Young Doug Savant Version. American actor Doug Savant (aka Matt Fielding on Melrose Place and, more recently, Tom Scavo of Desperate Housewives) was caught by the camera with his pants down. As a result, the fan debate whether Doug wears briefs or boxers underwear was finally settled with neither side winning; turns out that our Doug is neither a boxers or briefs guy but a thong underwear guy.Read More →

tom brady underwear boxers or briefs

Tom Brady Underwear: Tighty Whities. There were some talks a few years back that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is going to be an underwear model for Calvin Klein. Unfortunately, no such thing happened because if you search for “Tom Brady underwear” (which some of you obviously did), the only image that pops up would be his SNL guesting where he kinda pranced around the office in his obviously padded tighty whities.Read More →

celebrity tighty whitie 2016 - benjamin walker as patrick bateman

Celebrity Tighty Whitie Briefs Underwear 2016: Today in celebrity tighty whitie, we bring actor Benjamin Walker who is rocking his tighty whitie briefs underwear as Patrick Bateman in the stage version of American Psycho. It just opened on Broadway and the critics are loving it. Read More →