Tennis Players Briefs or Boxers: Underwear Preference

Tennis Players Briefs or Boxers? First of all, who among your favorite tennis players prefer briefs over boxers? And who of them prefer it the other way around? Thirdly, who wears them both — you know, they like either briefs of boxers underwear? [Want more tennis players underwear?]

Well, we know for a fact that the current world number one, Novak Djokovic, likes ’em both briefs and boxers. Oh, he also likes boxer briefs too. Here’s the Djoker in his briefs:

novak djokovic male underwear model

And here’s the tennis champ vacationing in his boxer briefs:

novak djokovic underwear 2014

Now, another tennis player who likes him is boxer briefs is retired German tennis hunk Tommy Haas. Check him out:

tommy haas underwear1

Our friend Kevin says: But modeling photos are not proof of preference. Therefore you can’t really say that Haas prefers boxer briefs rather than other cuts of underwear. Kevin has a point, of course, so we concede to him.

However, there is no question that another Serbian tennis player, Dusan Lajovic, likes them boxer briefs. Check him out:

male tennis players underwear - Dusan Lajovic1

Kevin says: True enough!

Tennis Player Briefs. Seems like a lot of tennis players prefer boxer briefs, are there any who like them some old school briefs? Well, not old school — in fact its anything but old school — but here’s French tennis player Michael Llodra wearing white briefs.

male tennis players underwear - michael llodra21

For a real, old school tennis players briefs underwear, you gotta check out Bjorn Borg and the colorful undies he’s been designing. You know, like these ones:

tennis players briefs underwear - bjorn borg21

Oops, by the way, when we say old school we mean old school in terms of the cut. For there is nothing old school about Bjorn’s choice of color in his underwear collection.

Finally, let’s end this post with Venezuelan tennis player David Souto who, apparently, like him some Calvin Kleins underwear. We don’t know whether he likes boxers or briefs though.

tennis players briefs underwear - david souto - venezuela21

That’s it for now, fellow TennisWatchers.