Dr Travis Stork Shirtless Photos. Not surprisingly, we are not the only ones who love us our shirtless doctors. In fact, some of you fellow Famewatchers are very specific about the shirtless doc you want to see and that is Dr. Travis Stork who, apparently, starred in the eighth season of The Bachelor and is currently one of the doctor hosts/presenters on the syndicated talk show, The Doctors.

travis stork body

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Kyle Chandler Shirtless, Emmy Award, and Other Stuff. Hah! Some of you are more interested in shirtless photos of Kyle Chandler rather than his Emmy success. Well, we’re not surprised. After all, who doesn’t want to admire the shirtlessness of one of the hottest men on television.

Okay. Here you go! Consider your wish fulfilled because we’ve got tons of Kyle Chandler shirtless photos for you.

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Taylor Kinney Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? We’ve already blogged about his Chicago Fire co-stars Charlie Barnett [see Shirtless Charlie Barnett] and Jesse Spencer, now let’s check out former male model, Lady Gaga squeeze, All-American jock, and Chicago Fire hunk Taylor Kinney.

taylor kinney bulging biceps and facial hair

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