Teen Boys Basketball Shorts: Who’s the Hottest NBA Teen Rookie in Shorts?

Teen Boys Basketball Shorts: NBA Rookie Class of 2016. So, this is the third part of our series on men wearing basketball shorts. This time, we are focusing on the teenage rookies of the National Basketball Association (NBA) who were drafted in the 2016 NBA draft. [Related post: Men’s Basketball Shorts.]

First of all, we should begin with the Number One draftee this year: Ben Simmons. Originally from Australia, this 19 year old forward is heading to Philadelphia to play for the Philadelphia 76ers.

teen boys basketball shorts - ben simmons2

Another incoming NBA rookie is Dragan Bender. He is a year younger than Ben Simmons as he is only 18 years old. The Phoenix Suns picked Dragan in the first round as the fourth overall draft pick. Like Ben, Dragan is foreign-born. He plays for the Croatian national team in international competitions.

teen boys basketball shorts - dragan bender maybe best2

Our next entry to our post on teen boys basketball shorts is the gorgeous Georgios Papagiannis. Damn, ain’t he good lookin’? He is probably our favoritest NBA rookie. This Greek hunk is also joining the Phoenix Suns which drafted him in the first round (13th overall).

teen boys basketball shorts - Georgios Papagiannis best2

Nineteen-year-old Henry Ellenson will be joining the Detroit Pistons which drafted him in the first round (18th overall). Are you impressed by his wingspan? Of course you should be!

teen boys basketball shorts - henry ellenson the best2

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