Are you looking for celebrity green cars? Here’s Edward Norton has a green car. You know of course that when we say green, we mean environmentally friendly, right? Edward joins his buddy Leonardo di Caprio who kinda, sorta makes us believe that though they’re rich and all, they are also for the environment. You know, that kind of thing. Well, let’s not be cynical. We love these guys. We loved Leonardo in Gilbert Grape and we loved Edward in what’s the name of that movie he first starred in, you know, the one that had Richard Gere as a lawyer? Hmmm, thinking to remember theRead More →

sunglass that takes pictures and videos by polaroid

Want a sunglass that takes pictures and videos? Or a camera that also protects your eyes from the sun? Well, check out this camera sunglass Polaroid Grey. This interesting product (kinda cutting edge, eh?) product is reportedly a collaboration between the uber-famous singer Lady Gaga and Polaroid. What do you think of this camera sunglass? Pretty cool, huh? Wonder how much it costs. More…Read More →

Will Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt follow in his partner’s footsteps and direct a movie himself? It’s not very unlikely, no? After all, it seems like he also loves to work behind the camera. Granted that’s a still camera but with Angelina Jolie’s help and inspiration it’s not unlikely that he’ll love working behind a movie camera too. More…Read More →