Taylor Kinney Underwear: Boxers or Briefs – Chicago Fire

Taylor Kinney Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? We’ve already blogged about his Chicago Fire co-stars Charlie Barnett [see Shirtless Charlie Barnett] and Jesse Spencer, now let’s check out former male model, Lady Gaga squeeze, All-American jock, and Chicago Fire hunk Taylor Kinney.

taylor kinney bulging biceps and facial hair

As some of you already know, Taylor plays the role of Lieutenant Kelly Severide on the hit NBC show. Deena argues it is not a hit but considering how poorly NBC is doing at the ratings, a show which averages around 6.5 million viewers is a hit for the network. You agree, right?

Looks like our Taylor’s got him some large feet. You know of course what that means, no? No wonder Lady Gaga would have him for a squeeze. Hehe.

taylor kinney fireman uniform

Another pic of Taylor looking gorgeous and hot in his fireman uniform.

taylor kinney chicago fire uniform

Taylor as a bad boy in the mugshot photo below. He still looks oh-so-shaggable, no?


Thank heavens the mugshot is only for swearing and drunken behavior and not some very dark think like imprisoning a girl in his basement. Hehe. We’ve been watching The Mentalist too much.

Boy, doesn’t our 31 year old hunk (he’s born 15 July 1981, in case you are wondering) look so delectable and sexy in that white tank top shirt? Same goes for his Chicago Fire co-star Jesse Spencer [see Jesse Spencer Underwear Photos].

taylor kinney tank tops with spencer

So what’s the Taylor Kinney underwear preference? Apparently, he likes him his boxer shorts.

taylor kinney underwear - boxer shorts

Here’s another Taylor Kinney underwear photo.

taylor kinney boxers or briefs

We saw a pic of him posing in his birthday suit for Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume but we ain’t gonna publish that else our grandma Elisa will whack us for posting risque pictures. But we do have a conservative grandma-friendly pic our Taylor looking cool in his suit without tie ensemble.

taylor kinney suit no tie

Suited or shirtless, this guy is a fine specimen of man. Could he, by any chance, be gay? The answer is most likely “no” but our friend Kevin is hoping that the answer is in the affirmative. His hope is kept alive by the fact that our Taylor apparently likes him some V-neck shirts which, according to the Malaysian education department, is a pretty good indicator that a dude is not only a friend of V-neck shirt manufacturers but is likewise a friend of Dorothy.

taylor kinney gay - vneck shirt

What do you think? Is Taylor a friend of Dorothy and her ruby red slippers? Denizens of gay-or-straight.com thinks he is “highly gay”:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Taylor Kinney: According to 189 visitors Taylor Kinney is 69% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Taylor Kinney has been voted highly gay.

Has he dated any other girl aside from the very-gay friendly Lady Gaga? Answer: Interestingly, whosdatedwho.com lists Lady Gaga as the only girl he’s dated (or dating because they’re kinda on-again and off-again). Another good sign that our friend Kevin is not hopelessly hoping?

Update: Taylor and Lady Gaga broke up last year. He is now dating another girl.

Originally posted 3 April 2013. Updated 7 January 2016