Tan Underwear For Men: Flesh-Colored Briefs for Zac Efron

Tan Underwear for Men or There Goes Zac Efron in Flesh-Colored Briefs Underwear. Zac Efron sure loves to act in his underwear, doesn’t he? He danced in his tighty whities with Nicole Kidman in the movie Paper Boy (see Zac Efron Tighty Whitie Underwear). And, recently, Zac wore a pair of flesh-colored briefs on the set of his next movie, Bad Grandpa.

tan underwear for men - zac efron in dirty grandpa

Where can you buy a pair of tan underwear for men? You can get them from an Acne Studios store. Apparently, the Swedish luxury brand recently launched a collection of beige or flesh-colored underwear.

tan underwear for men by acne studios

The Fashionisto details more info on the Acne tan or flesh-colored underwear:

Acne Studios debuts a new underwear collection for fall. Made of Pima cotton, the lineup boasts four men’s styles: the boxer, normal brief, high waist brief and shorts. Talking about the collection’s color palette, Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson explains, “Underwear should be beige or skin colored, because I prefer no underwear”.

Now, you can make your own tan underwear for men if Acne stores are not accessible. Yahoo! Answers gives us a  DIY instruction on how to do it:

I need to find flesh colored or nude colored underwear for men?
I’m getting married this summer on the beaches of Bermuda. We are wearing White Linen pants and I was told we should wear “flesh” or “nude”colored underwear as white will show through. Please help we leave in a couple weeks!

Answer: Here’s a link with some – it shows colored brief but one option is the beige color for each. Hanes has boxers. If you can’t get them in time you could stain white briefs using tea or coffee soaking in hot water. I used to do that for my own underwear, bought white and would soak them until they came out the color I wanted, then rinse with cold water and dry. You could also wash white briefs with new tan-colored pantyhose and get the same effect – the color in the pantyhose would change white to ecru.

For the record, we cannot guarantee that the above DIY instruction indeed works. But you should try it if you desperately need of a pair of tan underwear for men.

Finally, let’s end our post with a photo of this handsome model rocking his flesh-colored dermawear shapewear. You should buy a tan shapewear like this rather than other colors. Why? Because it will not be visible if ever you wear a shirt.

beige or flesh colored dermawear shapewear for men