Mens Swimwear For Summer: Male Models in Spring Summer Swimsuits

Mens Swimwear For Summer: Brand and Style Guide. If you are like our friend Kevin who is now worrying about what swimsuit to wear to the beach this summer, you might want to check out these latest men’s swimwear offerings from various brands around the world. First up would be this swim shorts from the collection of Shan Swimwear, a Canadian brand based in the city of Montreal.

shan swimwear 2013 - canadian brand montreal based

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Michael Bastian Swimwear for Men: Mark Sanchez on GQ Magazine

Michael Bastian Swimwear For Men. Michael Bastian continues to come up with fabulous and totally wearable swimwear for men. This is what swimwear should look like – not that scandalous and stupidly enhanced Andrew Christian Swim Jock nor the totally unsexy and unsightly below-the-knee “long shorts” that we’ve seen some male celebrities wear to the swimming pool.

If you want to look hot and cool in your swimwear, you can’t go wrong buying a Michael Bastian swimwear. So check out the latest swim outfits from the designer’s menswear collection:

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