Michael Bastian Swimwear For Men. Michael Bastian continues to come up with fabulous and totally wearable swimwear for men. This is what swimwear should look like – not that scandalous and stupidly enhanced Andrew Christian Swim Jock nor the totally unsexy and unsightly below-the-knee “long shorts” that we’ve seen some male celebrities wear to the swimming pool.

If you want to look hot and cool in your swimwear, you can’t go wrong buying a Michael Bastian swimwear. So check out the latest swim outfits from the designer’s menswear collection:

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American Flag Speedo. Did you read our post on American Flag Underwear? Go check out the link if you haven’t yet! This is Part II of said post but, this time, we are focusing on American Flag Speedo Swimsuits for Men.

7 February 2017 Update. We are updating this post to bring you a male celebrity who, apparently, loves him some briefs-style American flag Speedo swimsuit. Ladies and gents, check out Zac Efron as a lifeguard in the upcoming movie version of Baywatch. Yay!

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