Summer Speedo Swimsuits: Tribe Swimwear For Guys

Summer Speedo Swimsuits: Tribe Swimwear For Guys. Those of you who are looking for men’s swimwear for the upcoming summer months might want to check out this label called Tribe swimwear. Where do you think this brand is from?

Not surprisingly, it’s from the Land Down Under which brought us many sexy underwear and swimwear brands like Aussiebum and many others. Aussies sure know how to “dress up” their “down unders”, no?

Hey look, two guys in blue Speedo swimtrunks!

And who doesn’t like flashy red Speedo swimsuits?

Question: Has Speedo gone the way of Xerox? You know, in the sense that it is now synonymous to swimwear or swimsuit in the same way that Xerox has become the go-to word when we mean photocopy.

We are divided here at Famewatcher. Deena says we shouldn’t use Speedos to mean swimsuit because it is a specific brand of swimsuit. In contrast, Kevin and yours both argue that Speedo is widely accepted to mean any kind of swimsuit. What do you think?