Steven Adams Girlfriend & Shirtless Photo – Oklahoma City Thunder

Steven Adams Girlfriend, Shirtless Photo, Shoe Size, & Tattoo. So, fellow Famewatchers, have you found an imaginary basketball boyfriend among the pro-basketball rookies from the recent NBA draft? We did! Yay! His name is Steven Adams. He is from New Zealand. Double yay! He is supertall (a legitimate 7-footer according to one journalist) and, not unexpectedly, he has a pretty big feet. Triple yay! In the 2013 NBA Draft, he was the 12th overall draft pick courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunders.

steve adams sexy basketball hunk

Now, Steven may have a girlfriend in real life but that doesn’t mean we can’t think of him as a our beau when our IRL beau is watching basketball, right? Anyhoo, here are Some Things You Should Know Steven Adams (aka our latest basketball beau) if you want to become a member of his internet groupies.

1. Steven Adams Girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Kayla Kiriau. She is also a Kiwi. She is also a basketball athlete who currently plays for Sheridan College in Wyoming. Here’s a pic of Steve and girlfriend Kayla (courtesy of

steven adams girlfriend name - kayla kiriau

Aside from Steven Adams girlfriend, the other people in the above pic are Steve’s mentor mentor Kenny McFadden (right) and Steve’s half-brother Moses Beckham (left).

Here’s another photo of Kayla aka Steven Adams girlfriend.

steven adams girfriend kayla kiriau

Update: There’s a New Steven Adams Girlfriend (8 March 2017). According to Women’s Day (, our basketball star has got himself a new beau. She is also a Kiwi and her name is Ezel Kokcu.

steven adams Ezel Kokcu

Another photo of the new Steven Adams girlfriend with her basketball beau.

steven adams girlfriend Ezel Kokcu

2. Steven Adams Brothers. Aside from Moses Beckham, Steven has 16 other siblings and half-siblings. They are all sporty types and, in fact, one of them, Valerie Adams, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in shot-put (2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympic Games).

3. How big is Steven Adam’s feet? An article in the Dominion Post (via mentions that Steven has a size-20 feet. Said article however is from two years ago so its possible that he added some inches to his feet. Here’s a pic of Steven’s shoes (via his Twitter page).

steve adams feet size how big

4. Steven Adams Ethnic Background. Although Steven is every inch a Kiwi, Tonga and England can also lay claim to him because his mom (Lilika Ngauamo) is from Tonga while his dad (Sydney “Sid” Adams) is from good old England or Merrie Olde England (where the sun does not rise and the day always rains).

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