Stetson Fedora + Cowboy Hats: Brad Pitt and Other Celebrities

Looks like Brad Pitt, the celebrity whose love for newsboy caps — see Brad Pitt’s newsboy hat — helped make the iconic hat trendy and fashionable among the today’s generation, also loves him his Stetson Pescara Fur Felt Fedora.

Nice pick Brad, you sure got good taste. But it would have been more awesome if you bought your daughter Zahara her Fedora hat as well.


Celebrity Stetson Fedora Hats
29 July 2011

Who among the world’s celebrities love them their Stetson fedora hats? Well, aside from Brad Pitt, another famous man occasionally seen wearing a Stetson fedora is the Pirate of the Carribean himself, Johnny Depp.

He also wears other fedora brands such as this Optimo Oxblood fedora hat from one of his badass movies.

Another celebrity, this time from the world of sports, who loves him his Stetson fedora is Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry. Since he wears a fedora every time he’s in the football field, it’s not surprising that the Bleacher Report calls him “the man who made the Stetson Fedora cool…probably for the only time in history”.

Another famous man in the NFL who should love him his Stetson fedoras is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He is, after all, an ambassador for the brand. He’s not wearing a fedora in the pic below though but a good old American cowboy hat.

Tom follows the footsteps of Texas hunk Matthew McConaughey who also looks cool in his Stetson cowboy hat.

Other celebrities who wear Stetson cowboy hats include the most famous couple in the whole world aka Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who gamely put on these hats when they were in the cowboy city of Calgary, Canada.

Country singer Brad Paisley also looks cool in a Stetson cowboy hat.

And, by way of closing, here’s Brad Pitt wearing a cowboy hat (made by the same company who made his fedora) from his 1990s movie, Legends of the Fall.