Bruce Jenner Shirtless Olympic Gold Medalist and Speedo Photos. So this is the magazine cover that American track hero and Montreal Olympics gold medalist Bruce Jenner did for that magazine for guys who love other guys in the buff! I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians months ago and the issue of Bruce being a cover boy for said mag came up. Naturally, I went digging for those photos.  Hehe. So here it is.

bruce jenner shirtless playgirl

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Shirtless Badminton Players. From shirtless baseball players to shirtless BMX Riders, let’s move on to the Kings of the Badminton Court. Our friend Kevin we should call them the Hunks of Shuttlecock so we are also calling them that. Hehe. So let’s start this post with the hunkiest badminton player of them all: Lin Dan of China.

lin dan underwear model - calvin klein

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Hot Male Volleyball Players: Beach and Court Hunks. So you think only football [see Fabio Cannavaro underwear], and rugby [see Ben Cohen’s boxers underwear], and Olympic diving [see Alex Despatie in Speedo] have hot guys in them, huh?

You’re wrong, dear friend. Beach volleyball has got some hot male athletes too. Just ask this unnamed beach volleyball player.

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