Gay Men Wearing Speedo Swimsuits

Gay Men Wearing Speedo Swimsuits. Earlier, we brought you a group of ten straight men in Speedos who were brave and confident enough in their masculinity to wear nothing but a skimpy outfit in public. Now, let’s check out their gay counterparts who also love them their Speedo trunks. Who of these famous gay celebrities is your favorite? Who rock their swimsuit the best? And who among these guys would you bring home to mama, if such is a possibility?

Andy Cohen. Hah! Did you know that Bravo’s King of Talk once wore a Speedo while mowing the lawn? Must have been a hot summer day. Oh wait, is he really mowing the lawn? Whatever it is he’s doing in this pic, it’s good to see a younger version of Andy.

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Celebrities in Under Armour: Boxerjock Underwear, Jackets, Compression Shirt

Not surprisingly, Under Armour not only conquered the world of sports as mentioned in our previous post [see: Male Models and Athletes in Under Armour]. Judging by the number of famous celebrities wearing the American apparel brand, it also conquered Hollywood.

Let’s check out these Under Armour-wearing celebrities, shall we? First in our list is the talented and hunky Bourne Legacy actor Jeremy Renner who’s seen here sporting an Under Armour sleeveless compression shirt.

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Cricket Players Underwear: What Kind of Underwear Do They Wear?

Cricket Players Underwear: What Kind of Underwear Do They Wear? What kind of underwear do cricket players wear on the field? We’d like to think that they wear something like the one seen on Shane Watson above. Looks like a jockstrap, no? According to wiki, aside from the jockstrap itself, you have to insert a “box” to protect the you-know-what from throw gone awry that could hit your family jewels. Are you cringing at the picture of a fast ball heading toward your nether regions?

shane watson and lee furlong - cricket underwear protector

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